Fully Stocked Freezer + Santa's Extra Value

Fully Stocked Freezer + Santa's Extra Value

(Basket Code SC201)

Fill your freezers with the Fully Stocked Freezer PLUS Schneiders sausages, chicken pot pies and more!

Whats Included

  • 2x Cardinal Pulled Pork Fully Cooked (680g)
  • 2x Cardinal Roadhouse Beef Burger (1.21kg)
  • 2x Cavendish Farms Crinkle Cut Fries (1kg)
  • 3x Cavendish Farms Flavor Crisp Spicy Straight Cut (750g)
  • 1x Cavendish Farms Hash Browns (750g)
  • 1x Delissio Pepperoni (788g)
  • 2x Five Alive Citrus (295ml)
  • 2x Green Giant Peaches & Cream Corn (750g)
  • 2x Highliner English Style Chips & Fish (550g)
  • 2x Janes Chicken Wings Dry Rub Sea Salt & Pepper (900g)
  • 2x Janes Pub Style Chicken Breast Strips (800g)
  • 1x Janes Pub Style Chicken Burgers Breaded (800g)
  • 1x Minute Maid Orange Juice (295ml)
  • 1x Nestle Real Dairy French Vanilla Ice Cream (1.5L)
  • 1x Nestle Smarties Ice Cream (1.5L)
  • 1x NudeFruit Wild Blueberries (600g)
  • 2x Pillsbury Pizza Pops Pepperoni Bacon (400g)
  • 1x Sara Lee Apple Pie (1.04kg)
  • 1x Sara Lee Strawberry Original Cheesecake (538g)
  • 2x Schneider's Olde Fashioned Ham (800g)
  • 2x Schneiders Bacon (375g)
  • 2x Schneiders Chicken Pies (400g)
  • 2x Schneiders Oktoberfest Fully Cooked Sausage (375g)
  • 4x Schneiders Red Hot Wieners (450g)
  • 1x Stouffers Sensations Chicken Alfredo (640g)
  • 2x Stouffers Skillet Sensations Roast Chicken (640g)

$92.50 per week (4)

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