Colossal Christmas 2x5kg Avg

Colossal Christmas 2x5kg Avg

(Basket Code SC112)

Our largest Christmas basket will fill your whole family and guests with TWO Butterball turkeys, Sara Lee, Schneiders, Green Giant and more!

Whats Included

  • 1x Allens Apple Juice (1L)
  • 1x Allens Cranberry Cocktail (1L)
  • 1x Antonella's Alfredo Pasta Sauce (500ml)
  • 2x Antonella's Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce (750ml)
  • 1x Aunt Jemima Original Pancake Syrup (750ml)
  • 1x Becel Cooking Oil (1L)
  • 1x Betty Crocker Bisquick (1kg)
  • 2x Betty Crocker Creamy Scalloped Potato (141g)
  • 1x Betty Crocker Deluxe Chocolate Frosting (450g)
  • 2x Betty Crocker Frosted Brownie Mix (550g)
  • 2x Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot Rippin Berry Berry (128g)
  • 1x Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper Four Cheese Lasagna (193g)
  • 2x Betty Crocker Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks (226g)
  • 1x Betty Crocker Super Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix (432g)
  • 1x Betty Crocker Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake (465g)
  • 1x Betty Crocker Vanilla Buttercream Cupcake (465g)
  • 1x Bick's Hot Dog Relish (375ml)
  • 1x Bick's Yum Yum - Sweet (500ml)
  • 2x Butterball Turkey Grade A (5/7 AVG)
  • 1x Cadbury Milk Tray (360g)
  • 1x Cadbury Mini Eggs (188g)
  • 3x Campbell's Cream Mushroom Soup (284ml)
  • 3x Campbell's Tomato Soup (284ml)
  • 1x Candy Canes (12pk )
  • 2x Cavendish Farms From the Farm Wedges (750g)
  • 1x Cavendish Farms Hash Browns (750g)
  • 2x Christie Animal Crackers (225g)
  • 2x Christie Chips Ahoy (300g)
  • 2x Christie Chips Ahoy Snak Paks (180g)
  • 1x Christie Golden Oreo (300g)
  • 1x Christie Honeymaid Graham Crumbs (400g)
  • 2x Christie Mini Oreo Snak Paks (180g)
  • 2x Christie Oreo Cookies (300g)
  • 2x Christie Ritz Crackers (200g)
  • 2x Christie Snak Paks Teddy Graham Honey (180g)
  • 2x Christie Triscuits Original (225g)
  • 2x Clover Leaf Chunk Light Tuna (170g)
  • 2x Clover Leaf Pink Salmon (213g)
  • 1x Create a Treat Santa's Gingerbread Mini Village (810g)
  • 2x Dad's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies Portion Packs (300g)
  • 2x Del Monte Chunky Mixed Fruit in Juice (398ml)
  • 2x Del Monte Pineapple Slices (398ml)
  • 1x Delectable Creamy Milk Chocolate covered Cashews (227g)
  • 2x Dempsters Home Bakery Garlic Bread (323g)
  • 1x ED Smith Blueberry Pie Filling (540ml)
  • 1x ED Smith Cherry Pie Filling (540ml)
  • 1x ED Smith Pure Raspberry Jam (500 ml)
  • 2x Et Tu Caesar Original Salad Kit (132g)
  • 2x French's French Fried Onions (79g)
  • 1x French's Worcestershire Sauce (295ml)
  • 1x French's Yellow Mustard (400ml)
  • 2x Glad Zipper Sandwich Bags (100pk)
  • 2x Green Giant Cut Green Beans (750g)
  • 2x Green Giant Mixed Vegetables (750g)
  • 2x Green Giant Peaches & Cream Corn (750g)
  • 2x Green Giant Sweet Peas (750g)
  • 1x Heinz Ketchup (1L)
  • 1x Hellman's Mayonnaise Big Squeeze (750ml)
  • 2x Honey Nut Cheerios (330g)
  • 1x Hunt's Snack Pack Family Size Chocolate/Vanilla Pudding (12pk)
  • 2x Kellogg's Nutrigrain Bar Apple Cinnamon (295g)
  • 2x Kellogg's Nutrigrain Bar Strawberry (295g)
  • 2x Kellogg's Rice Krispies (285g)
  • 4x Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares (176g)
  • 4x Kellogg's Special K Fruit Crisp Strawberry Fruit Crisps (125g)
  • 2x Knorr Classic Hollandaise Sauce Mix (38g)
  • 2x Knorr Classic Turkey Roast Gravy Mix (30g)
  • 1x Knorr Onion Soup Mix (113g)
  • 2x Knorr Sidekicks Creamy Butter & Herb (136g)
  • 3x Lean Ground Beef (2x454g)
  • 2x Minute Maid Orange Juice (295ml)
  • 1x Minute Rice (1.4kg)
  • 1x Mott's Clamato Original (945ml)
  • 2x Mott's Fruitsations + Veggies Snacks Assorted (226g)
  • 2x Nature Valley Crunchy Oats & Honey Granola Bars (230g)
  • 2x Nature Valley Lunch Box Chocolate Chip (130g)
  • 1x Nescafe Rich (475g)
  • 1x Nestle Carnation Hot Chocolate (500g)
  • 1x Nestle Nesquik 1/3 Less Sugar (540g)
  • 1x Nestle Quality Street (180g)
  • 1x Nestle Real Dairy French Vanilla Ice Cream (1.5L)
  • 1x Nestle Turtles (200g)
  • 1x Nestlé After Eight Chocolate Mints (300g)
  • 2x New York Strip (2x454g)
  • 1x Nilla Vanilla Flavoured Wafers (312g)
  • 1x Nutella (725g)
  • 1x Oasis Apple Juice (30pk)
  • 2x Oasis Orange Juice Pure Breakfast (960ml)
  • 1x Oasis Tropical Passion (30pk)
  • 1x Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn Buttery Flavour (6x82g)
  • 1x Peak Freans Shortcake Cookies (300g)
  • 1x Pepperidge Farm Paxo Stuffing (227g)
  • 2x Pepperidge Farms Gold Fish Cheddar (200g)
  • 2x Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Wholegrain Cheddar (180g)
  • 1x Pillsbury Pizza Pops Pepperoni Bacon (400g)
  • 2x Planters Peanut Butter (1kg)
  • 2x Primo Diced Plum Tomatoes (796ml)
  • 1x Primo Penne Rigate (900g)
  • 1x Primo Spaghetti (900g)
  • 1x Pringles 8pk Snack Pack (152g)
  • 2x Pringles Original (160g)
  • 2x Pringles Sour Cream & Onion (168g)
  • 1x ReaLemon Lemon Juice (440ml)
  • 1x Red Rose Tea Orange Pekoe (36pk)
  • 1x Redpath Granulated Sugar (1kg)
  • 2x Rib Eye Steak (2x454g)
  • 2x Ruby Kist Cranberry Sauce (348ml)
  • 1x Sara Lee Apple Pie (1.04kg)
  • 1x Sara Lee Pecan Pie (1.02kg)
  • 2x Schneiders Bacon (375g)
  • 1x Schneiders Chicken Pies (400g)
  • 1x Schneiders Honey Garlic Wings (790g)
  • 2x Schneiders Mini Sausage Rolls (325g)
  • 3x Schneiders Red Hot Wieners (450g)
  • 1x Shrimp Ring (227g)
  • 3x Top Sirloin Steak (2x454g)
  • 1x Trophy Cashew & Almond Creamy Caramel Popcorn (225g)
  • 1x Trophy Deluxe Mixed Nuts with 30% Cashews (275g)

$302.50 per week (4)

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