Merry Little Christmas

Merry Little Christmas

(Basket Code SC130)

Everything a small family or couple needs for Christmas complete with a Boneless Stuffed Turkey Breast and Schneider's Ham!

Whats Included

  • 2x Allens Cranberry Cocktail (1L)
  • 1x Antonella's Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce (750ml)
  • 2x Betty Crocker Creamy Scalloped Potato (141g)
  • 1x Betty Crocker Deluxe Chocolate Frosting (450g)
  • 1x Betty Crocker Devil's Food Cake Mix (432g)
  • 1x Butterball Boneless Stuffed Turkey Breast (1.5kg)
  • 1x Cadbury Milk Tray (360g)
  • 2x Campbell's Cream Mushroom Soup (284ml)
  • 2x Campbell's Tomato Soup (284ml)
  • 2x Cavendish Farms From the Farm Wedges (750g)
  • 2x Christie Ritz Crackers (200g)
  • 2x Clover Leaf Chunk Light Tuna (170g)
  • 2x Club House Gravy Mix Chicken (25g)
  • 1x Green Giant Simply Steam Niblets w/Butter Sauce (250g)
  • 2x Green Giant Sweetlet Peas with Butter (250g)
  • 1x Honey Nut Cheerios (330g)
  • 1x IQF Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless (1kg)
  • 1x Kellogg's Raisin Bran Cereal (425g)
  • 1x Knorr Sidekicks Creamy Butter & Herb (136g)
  • 1x Nescafe Rich (475g)
  • 1x Nestle Turtles (200g)
  • 1x Peek Freans Assorted Crème (300g)
  • 1x Primo Spaghetti (900g)
  • 1x Red Rose Tea Orange Pekoe (36pk)
  • 1x Sara Lee Apple Pie (1.04kg)
  • 1x Schneider's Olde Fashioned Ham (800g)
  • 2x Schneiders Bacon (375g)
  • 1x Schneiders Chicken Pies (400g)
  • 1x Schneiders Mini Sausage Rolls (325g)
  • 1x Trophy Deluxe Mixed Nuts with 30% Cashews (275g)

$27.78 per week (9)

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