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Hampers or Baskets?

Hampers or Baskets? Baskets or Hampers?  What to call them?

Hampers to Baskets.jpg We have endless discussion about what to call “that group of products that we sell”.  After 12 years, we still have to explain the word “Hamper”. It’s not like we are sending you a laundry hamper, after all.

So, after years of calling them Hampers, it’s time to change it up and call them Baskets

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September already???

Although the weather is changing quite quickly, we don’t want our customers to “fall behind”. With kids back in school we know that everyone is busy getting back on track after enjoying the summer months. At Santa’s Choice, we take the fall season to start preparing winter deliveries for all of our wonderful customers. This means it is time to confirm delivery addresses, set the

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