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Planning for Christmas!

100T2D-Christmas-widget.jpg So,  you've ordered your Christmas Hampers, gifts and more from Santas Choice. That's one HUGE thing you don't have to worry about.  But... there's more!

How many of you actually have all your Christmas shopping done by September? October?  Or are you the type that starts lists after Halloween… and then plans your shopping days? Do you start baking early and freeze it? Or do

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How do you get ready for your Delivery?

Do you plan on a special baking day?

Do you decorate for Christmas?

Do you write your Christmas cards?

Do you wrap gifts? Do you make “mystery meals” to clear out space in your freezer and cupboards?

I liked this article from the Food Network from March 2015 about cleaning out your pantry.  I will try this next week … (I hope!)

How to Spring-Clean

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